Indian Mangoes Return Policy – Atlanta

Each box comes with 7-12 mangoes.

The quantity depends on the type & size of the mangoes. All sales are final. We have a no exchange or return policy for all desi mangoes.

Please note stores won’t be offering any return or replacement of mangoes (unless a protection plan is bought). The Store does not take any responsibility for the quality or taste.

Optional Indian Mangoes Quality Protection Plan

1. Mangoes quality protection plan can be bought for $5/box while purchasing the mangoes.

2. To qualify for an exchange under this policy, the mangoes should be brought back to the store. Exchange can only be done within 48 hours from the time mangoes & their protection policy were purchased.

3. If you did not use your loyalty program phone number during the checkout, the exchange must be accompanied by the original receipt for the purchase.

4. No replacements can be offered after the 48 hours’ time frame has been crossed.

5. If you are unsatisfied with your replacement the protection plan allows you to exchange those mangoes within the 48 hours from the time the original purchase was made (please note the time frame will stay as per the original purchase only and not considered from the time a person receives the replacement).