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INDIACO is Open in Atlanta!

WE ARE NOW OPEN in Hoffmaan Estates, IL. To know more about our new location CLICK HERE to know more!

Delicious Indian Food!
Rajula’s Kitchen, an innovative vegetarian Indian eatery is now open inside INDIACO store. TO KNOW MORE CLICK HERE!

Welcome to Indiaco

Indiaco is a people centric modern Indian super market chain for growing healthy food choices to South Asians residing in the USA. Indiaco is a company that understands the importance of Indian food and culture. That’s why with years of experience of running successful Indian grocery stores in DFW Texas now Indiaco is spreading its network across USA. It is one of the fastest growing Indian grocery chain in USA. All our stores are based on a professional business plan that enables us in offering our shoppers an ultimate shopping experience as well as an opportunity for us to maximize profits. Our motto is to open the best and most profitable grocery stores across USA.

Our Mission

Indiaco is on a mission to meet the needs and make life easier for the growing South Asian community in the United States, by bringing stores to cities nationwide, and providing a variety of products for our customers’ fresh and vegetarian food needs. Our stores are designed to be a one-stop shop for fresh South Asian groceries, featuring a wide selection of vegetarian, Jain, vegan, organic and other types of food. At Indiaco it’s not about opening any regular grocery store, it’s about opening the ultimate India Grocery Store.

Our History

From One location to Eight locations and still counting, India Bazaar is one of the fastest growing Indian grocery chains in USA. A company started by an immigrant family, who came from Gujarat, India to Houston, TX in 1998 with just $200 in their pocket and an aspiration of living the American dream. India Bazaar truly stands to the statement Sky is the limit! The owners of India Bazaar worked their way up to the ladder not just by luck but with immense hard work and discipline. At the age of 19, Anand Pabari now the president of India Bazaar worked at his uncles Indian Grocer wholesale warehouse in 1998. After 3 months the entire Pabari family moved to Richardson Tx and started working for another Indian Grocers. They worked day and night for 5 years of for the same Indian Grocer, until the day they were fired. The two brother Anand and Gopal Pabari (the CEO of India Bazaar) truly believe that it was a blessing in disguise. As the entire family was out job, they decide on starting their own business and India Bazaar was born. As necessity is mother of all creations so was it for India Bazaar. Both brothers joined forces with their parents and decided on opening their first store in Plano Tx in year 2004. Ever since, India Bazaar has been growing and staying true to its tagline “nobody gives you India like we do”. India Bazaar’s mission has always been to make Indian grocery easily accessible to the South Asian Community. And to do so India Bazaar is spreading its locations across USA, so that people can drive less and save more on their groceries. India Bazaar stores offer’s its shoppers the best quality products and even better prices. India Bazaar has become a household phenomenon in the South Asian community in the DFW area. What sets India Bazaar apart from its competitors is that India Bazaar is an Upscale and New Generation Indian Grocery store. It offers the largest collection of organic products. From fruits and vegetables to organic lentils, rice & grains, India Bazaar stores have it all. India Bazaar is focused on serving health conscious millennials and other generations bringing Healthy, Fresh and High Quality organic and plant-based selection to their aisles. They partner with suppliers back in India to ensure that strict standards and needs are adhered to. Anand and Gopal Pabari’s second concept adjoining India Bazaar is ‘Rajula’s Kitchen’ a healthy vegetarian, vegan option. It has an Indian street food take. They are adding this to all the India Bazaar as they plan to open in major cities such as Chicago, Atlanta etc. India Bazaar shall be called by the name called INDIACO supermarkets nationwide in the areas outside of Texas.