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At Indiaco it’s not about opening any regular grocery store, it’s about opening the ultimate Indian Grocery Store. All our stores are based on a professional business plan that is designed to maximize profits. We have structured our stores to make life easier for South Asian community. Our motto is to open the best and most profitable grocery stores across USA.

How are we different from others?

Our experienced management team (OTS Management LLC) is focused on operating modern stores stocked with the items the South Asian community demands both domestic products and those we import. The team follows proven business practices that combine well trained staffs with the best in technology to craft a business plan that is designed to provide a great return on your investment.

Here are some key guidelines that Indiaco follows to help us achieve our goal of maximizing our store profits:

We study the market trend: Indiaco stores are focused on offering the ultimate shopping experience. We research the market very closely before opening any store. Each location is opened after careful research of various business factors. From the best retail space, to a suitable neighborhood. We do it all!

Best at Best: Indiaco engages in direct high volume buying from India and other countries to cut middle men. This helps streamlining delivery and cutting costs and helps us get the best products at even better prices, which increases our store profits.

Working with local producers: Indiaco works with local producers to arrange for our stores to get the freshest produce at great local prices, which increase our store profits.

Our loyalty Program: All Indiaco stores will likely offer a loyalty points reward program, which helps customers save more and encourages them to keep returning to shop with us.

A Modern Indian Store: We are focused and dedicated to setting standards for cleanliness, order, freshness and technology. To stand out among other chains as well as smaller independent shops, we believe in “Americanizing” the traditional Indian shop format. Our training includes how to operate a modern, efficient and customer friendly store; and everything from inventory to check-out uses state-of-the-art technologies for maximum efficiency.

All Indiaco stores are opened with uniformity in mind: We offer Business start-up advice, pre-opening training program, detailed confidential operations manual, access to designated vendors and suppliers, Marketing guidance and assistance, up to date technology tools and above all ongoing franchising support to all our franchise owners to support and enhance performance of each store. This enables us in offering our shoppers a uniform and superior shopping experience at each of our locations. Where appropriate, we include Rajula’s Kitchen as a café for the customers.

We believe in transparency. We offer our investors a platform that facilitates their review of all the offering documents and operating legal agreements. We offer the same level of dedicated availability and support to all our investors. Our team is always here to help you and answer any questions you may have.


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